Top 5 Shopping Places in Hat Yai

Top 5 Shopping Places in Hat Yai

Are you shopping lovers?? Sure, I’m gonna write about my second home shopping. It is Hat Yai shopping. As I lived in this beautiful city for two years, so I have my own favorite places for shopping in this city. And now I wanna share it with everyone the top 5 shopping places based on my favorite.
Actually there are so many shopping places in Hatyai, but if you don’t have enough time to visit all that places at least you have to visit one of these 5 shopping places.
And for your information dear hijab traveler, you do not need to worry about halal food when you are visiting Hat Yai because there are plenty of halal food around the city. And it’s not difficult to find it. And of course all the top 5 shopping places that i’m going to share bellow have halal food as well. So, don’t worry!
Are you ready to know my 5 favorite shopping places in this beautiful city Hat Yai? Let’s check this out!

Street Vendors & Hawkers, Hat Yai

(Picture From: kennykhaw)

(Picture From: kennykhaw)

At the city centre or Lee Garden Plaza Hotel area, the night is busy started from the evening. You can come here empty stomach to try for Thai street foods. There are shirts, leather products, aluminium handcraft toys and a lot of fancy souvenirs on sales. Feel tired on foot, have a foot massage, feel thirsty, have a cool coconut drink. You can have a seafood dinner or try the healthy best nest drink too, most restaurant selling the same products.

Three streets away from Lee Garden Hotel (from the front entrance), you will find a Malay woman hawker who sells the usual dry titbits Malaysians love to buy home-cashew nuts, pistachios, durian cakes. The best thing about her is her honesty.

At the first look, you may complain of prices of her goods becaue they are definitely priced higher than many (actually only slightly higher) but that is because she sells you the products weighed with an accurate weighing machine.

I tested by weighing products bought from other hawkers on this hawker’s weighing machine and found all much less than claimed.

If you like to buy the cheap cheap clothing, ear rings, souvenirs, etc… then Hat Yai is really a best place to shop. Some of the shopping complexes there offer goods in a good price, such as the Yong Dee store. Besides, you can also buy from the street vendors, which normally come out to sell their things in the morning and the night time. Noon and early evening is their resting time. So you too go back and have a nap before continuing the night activities!

Odean Shopping Centre, Hat Yai

(Picture From: pakati)

(Picture From: pakati)

The Odean Shopping Mall is a 5-storey department store and sells medium to upscale products and goods… There is a whole floor dedeicated to clothing with jeans, casual wear, business wear etc together with accessories… Other merchandise include shoes, comestics, swim wear, gift items, sports goods etc… There is also a food court on the fifth floor…
Odean Shopping Centre as the locals call it, is a nice place to shop. It is not as fancy as the other department stores in town but they seem to have sale quite often.

Local Market in Hat Yai

(Picture From: bongee)

(Picture From: bongee)

There are hundred of vendors group together to form a market doing their business selling almost the same things. If you wish to buy something, prepare your Thai Baht and your time, do some window shopping and some bargaining. Give a price you plan to pay or reply with a smile.

The market is busy with those hawkers selling food and drink facing outside. They are all in good business during peak tourism season.

It is a popular place for the locals to shop. Don’t expect it to be big like those in Bangkok. It is enough to serve the local shoppers and Malaysian and Singaporean tourists.

What to buy: Pretty much anything from clothes (Polo, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc), sport shoes, electrical appliances, DVD/ CDs (of course pirated version with nice packaging), etc. However, don’t expect to find many handicrafts or local souvenirs here.

What to buy: Outside the market : sundry goods, foodstuff, ready cooked street food and drink.
Inside the market : clothes, leather products, bags, shoes, dried and packed food …

What to pay: Some are fixed price, most of the thing you need to bargain.

Diana Department Store, Hat Yai

(Picture From: wikimedia)

(Picture From: wikimedia)

Diana is a bit off the city center. But it is close enough to shop. Main merchandise in the building is clothing. There is a Diana Department Store and there are a few small shops inside. There is a cineplex in the building. There are a few restaurants such as Pizza and Swenson’s Ice-cream.
Another one of Hat Yai’s large department stores that contains various shops and eateries. It isn’t within walking distance of central Hat Yai so you’ll need to use some form of transport to get there. Sawngthaew is the cheapest if you can find one. These are the pick-up trucks with 2 rows of seats in the back. They cost 5 Baht. A motorcycle taxi costs 20 Baht. Tuk-Tuks are more expensive but if there are a few of you the cost can be shared.

Central Festival Mall, Hat Yai

Central Department Store, Hat Yai

If you have visited Hatyai for a thousand times and you craved for a new shopping place, you prayer is answered with the brand new Central Festival Mall. It is opened in last December and it is “another mall” in Hatyai.

The Central Festival Hatyai which opened in December 2013 is a new dimension of the first shopping complex in central Hatyai, Songkla. Holding the position of the largest shopping mall in Southern Thailand, this mall with an area of 250,000 square meters offers shopper over 250 fashion brand-named stores and a variety of famous restaurants.

This mall which is centrally situated in the middle of Hat Yai can be conveniently accessed. The mall is 3 minutes away from the train station, 15 minutes away from the airport and a mere 1 minute walk from the bus terminal.

Located at Kanchanavanich Road near the weekend night market and the Magic Eye 3D Museum, Central Festival Mall caters for locals and tourists.

The mall is spacious and I love the high ceilings and the bright lights. Shopping in this mall is pleasant and there are no short of International and local brands. Hence, apparel and fashion brands like Mark and Spencer, Uniqlo and many others are under the roof.





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