Top 5 Amusement and Theme Parks in Korea

Top 5 Amusement and Theme Parks in Korea


(Picture From: One Day Korea)

(Picture From: One Day Korea)

The largest amusement park in Korea, Everland is packed with dozens of rides and creative attractions — you’ll be spoilt for choice. It houses the country’s best zoo called Zoo Topia, and notably people’s hot favourite, the Caribbean Bay water park.

Try out the thrilling roller coaster, the Eagle Fortress, or aim for Korea’s steepest ride on the T Express. Speed lovers can also rival among themselves on the Everland Speedway.

(Picture From: Jinho Jung)

Everland is so huge that you need to plan your trip carefully and leave for the park early in the morning!

Operating Hours
Opening  Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. for 365 days
.Night Admission: 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Lotte World

(Picture From: Chee Chingy)

(Picture From: Chee Chingy)

Lotte World is a magnificent combination of an indoor and outdoor theme park. The indoor ‘Adventure’ park consists of a great ice-skating rink, and various rides and attractions that lay around its perimeters. There are also many other shops, food and activities inside the park that are divided into themes of several countries around the globe. Be sure to snap some pictures with their unique seasonal attractions, and stop by to watch the live music performances.

Step out, and you’re in Magic Island. Get to the Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing fast for the queues travel long since nobody wants to leave Lotte World without a taste of its best rides. The Flume Ride and the Spanish Pirate Ship are great to add to your exciting thrills.

(Picture From: Damlen Gabrielson)

Lotte World also presents a variety of parades and laser shows that are awe-inspiring. Stop by at their Folk Museum for some Korean authenticity!

Operating Hours
Opening Hours: 09:30-22:00
Night-time admission: 16:00
* Closing time may vary each day.
Website: Lottle World

Seoul Land

(Picture From: Jung Young)

(Picture From: Jung Young)

Seoul Land is Korea’s first theme park, with a beautiful scenery surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan. Seoul Land has an area called ‘World Square’ where one can glimpse traditional architecture and folk items from all over the world. You can view the traditional Korea at Samcheonri Hill, the western frontier at Model Land, and Fantasy Land. There are five theme based areas that make up Seoul Land. Seoul Land has up to 40 rollercoasters such as Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Magic Carpet, as well as Adventure Theater, Movie Theater, Story Land, and many more.

The pride of Seoul Land is its wide selection of seasonal festivals and the unique Laser Show held during the evening. Seoul Grand Park is situated on a very large field and holds various festivals for each season of the year. The Tulip Festival is held from April to May; the Starlight Rose Festival from July to August; the Chrysanthemum Festival from September to October; and the Snow Light Festival from December to February.

Operating Hours
Opening time 09:30 / Closing time 18:00~22:00
* Operating hours are subject to change seasonally. Please visit the Seoul Land Homepage before your visit.

4. Love Land

(Picture From: Neatorama)

(Picture From: Neatorama)

Jeju Love Land is a theme sculpture park based on sensuality and eroticism. You’ll need to be 20 or above for this one. Love Land is the first sexual theme park in Korea.

There are indoor and outdoor spaces of admiration. While the indoor displays cartoon-like imagery, the outdoor is a play field of salacious statues of various sexual acts — from kissing to ‘doing’ — with a tinge of humor.

Sexual education for newly wedded couples perhaps? Oh, how kinky…

Operating Hours
Opening time: 09:00 – 24:00 (Last admission: 23:00)

Website: Jeju Love Land

Kimnyoung Maze Park  ( Maze Land)

(Picture From: VisitJeju Blogspot)

(Picture From: VisitJeju Blogspot)

If you ever need a break from the roller coasters, get yourselves a MAZE in the world’s longest stone maze located at the Maze Land. Pun intended.

Maze Land is a themed park boasting the world’s longest stone maze, measuring roughly 5.3km in total length. The maze is made mainly using stone and wood found on Jeju

You’ll be glad to know that this unique theme park on Jeju Island has two more mazes — the wind maze and another shaped as a Jeju female diver, haenyeo.

These mazes were built on the principle of ‘samda’, a Jeju dialect term that refers to the three items found on the island that are in abundance — wind, rocks and women.

You will also get to bathe in the wonders of Mother Nature as you navigate through the mazes.

Operating Hours
Opening time: 08:30~17:30 (18:00)

Website: Maze Land


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