• 10 Things To Try In Japan

    10 Things To Try In Japan

    People visit Japan for many reasons including adventure, cultural experience, visiting friends, business, shopping, hobbies, nightlife, intellectual curiosity, entertainment and enlightenment. Whatever your mission, the following activities may play a part. They represent Japan’s many possibilities. 1. Temples & Shrines Japan has around 85,000 temples and 95,000 shrines. Many are wonders of architecture, nature and

  • Tokyo’s 9 Best Spring Festivals

    Tokyo’s 9 Best Spring Festivals

    Spring is a magical time in Tokyo. The sakura bloom in late march and everyone wants to be outside enjoying the good weather. These are the best festivals Tokyo’s Spring has to offer. 1. Sanja Matsuri Sanja Matsuri (third Saturday in May) is Tokyo’s biggest and wildest festival. The yakuza plays a prominent role in