6 Most Beautiful Beaches in China

6 Most Beautiful Beaches in China

China’s continental coastline extends for about 18,000 kilometers (11,000 miles), and there are lots of beautiful beaches for holidays. The most popular beaches around China we recommend include those at Sanya, Xiamen, Putuo Island, Beidaihe and Beihai.

Yalong Bay

“The Oriental Hawaii”

(Picture From: wikimedia)

(Picture From: wikimedia)

Yalong Bay is the best beach in China. The sea is blue and the sand is soft. You are advised to go to the private beach of your hotel as the public beach is always crowded. Many international hotel groups have established top-end hotels in Yalong Bay.

Here, one finds a blue sky, a brilliant Sun, a fresh and clean air, green mountains, quiet unbassin, a transparent sea water, white sand and beautiful scenery multicolored underwater. Here the Yalong Bay, located 28 km southeast of the tourist city of Sanya (Hainan province of China). With a shape of Crescent Bay is located at the southern end of the island province of Hainan and extends over a total length of 7.5 km. As one of the province’s most famous and picturesque sites, sea water here is very transparent and the visibility is 7-9 Mr. Beach is home to coconut trees and various types of tropical plants.

Wuzhizhou Island

The first Commercial Diving Location in China

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

Wuzhizhou Island is the Maldives of China. The beautiful scenery all over the island includes ‘Plants World’ and the colorful ‘Underwater World’. You can dive into the sea and discover the underwater world. But be warned: if you want to dive, you’d better get there early as there is always a long line.

Wuzhizhou Island Beach is located in Sanya on Hainan Island. This place is called as the Maldives of China. Most beautiful thing at this beautiful beach is ‘Underwater World’. You can enjoy diving into the sea and discover the beauty of the underwater world. This place is also easily accessible by car from Beijing International Airport. It will take almost 5 hours for you to reach there. This place is very suitable for surfing and it has an extensive reef. The areas to the north and to the west of the island are really flat. Beauty of this beach is, its gin clear water, with a visibility down to 90 feet. It is a real boon for scuba diving.

Beidaihe Scenic Area

The Government’s Summer Palace

(Picture From:

Beidaihe Scenic Area is also known as “the Mecca of bird watching”. Influenced by a marine climate, Beidaihe Scenic Area has a cool summer and warm winter. It is a good place to avoid the summer heat in Beijing. Go enjoy the gold sand and sunshine.

Beidaihe Scenic Spot is situated in the warm temperate zone, with a damp monsoon climate and four distinct seasons, neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. Therefore, it is suitable for all year round travel, though, the best time to visit is from May to October.

The long coastline to its south has soft sand and sea water of moderate salinity, making it an excellent place to sunbathe and swim. Many modern holiday villages and public bathing places have been established, where you can taste local snacks and delicious seafood, ride in a speedboat, or relax in a ballroom dancing. If you want to get away from the masses, a stroll on the pebbled sand will bring you close to nature.

In the central area of the scenic spot is a great attraction called Tiger Rock Park. It has many huge rocks looking like a herd of tigers. Standing on any of the rocks gives you a deep enjoyment of the beauties of nature. The sea breeze pushing against your face, the waves beating the rocks and the vast sea will make you feel refreshed and energetic. This is a good spot for photography.

Gulangyu Beach (Xiamen)

Garden on the Sea

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

Gulangyu Beach is located off the southeast coast of Siming District, Xiamen in Southeast China. This beach is one of the most tourists spot for both locals and visitors. One of the finest place to be in whole China to feel the beauty of nature. This beach is easily accessible from Xiami Railway Station by car or taxi. There are few historic sites are also available here for you to visit. This beach do not have much facilities in compared to other beaches in China. This beach is a public beach where you have to work hard to get modern facilities. Lot of things to do here at this beautiful place. Sand here at this beach is very soft and warm water here is very much suitable for swimming. Views of this beautiful beach make this place more enjoyable.

There is a facility available here for you, if you want to enjoy under water diving. Snorkeling can be other option for you as there are so many small rocks lying on this shore. Sunset at this place is a treat to watch.

Tianya Haijiao

Picturesque Beach Scenery

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

Tianya Haijiao (Heaven’s Edge Sea’s Corner) in Sanya, on South China’s Hainan Island, is one of the most romantic and picturesque beaches in China. It is considered to be the southernmost tip of China. It is a must-see attraction for new Chinese couples because of old Chinese literature saying: ‘I will follow you to Tianya Haijiao’, which means the couple will be together forever.

Be warned: this place may be very crowded all year round.

Silver Beach

(Picture From: absolutechinatours)

(Picture From: absolutechinatours)

Silver Beach is located in the south of Beihai City, 10 kilometers away from city center. This beach stretches 24 kilometers from west to east with a width between 281 yards. This beach is a public beach and also one of the best beaches in china because of its advantages of even length, white sand, gentle waves and clean and warm water. When the sun shines on the river, the water is just like silver glistening on the surface which creates a beautiful view. Best time to get to this place is between from the month of April to November.




Via chinahighlights.com

Via creativelunatics.com

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