Best 5 Beach to visit in Korea

Best 5 Beach to visit in Korea

The best beaches in South Korea are on the east side and in Jeju. All the three beaches (1, 2 and 5) are on the mainland east coast and are close enough to each other to be covered in one trip. They are all accessible through Gangeung Express Bus Terminal. The nearest one is Gyeongpo, then Naksan and then Seokcho (not in the list because I have not visited it). Jeongdongjin falls on the other side but less than an hour away from the terminal!

Jeongdongjin beach

(Picture From: Flickr)

(Picture From: Flickr)

Jeondongjin Beach is a beautiful white sand beach which offers spectacular sunrise views. Picture the sun rising over the ocean, with golden beams flooding the beautiful pine-covered landscape that surrounds the beach.

The sunrise festival in Jeondongjin Sunrise Park is popular and draws many tourists, especially during the New Year. During other time of the year, Jeondongjin Beach is a great place for people in search of calm and peace. There is also a small alley to the right of the railway station at the beach which leads to a trail up the mountain. Follow that trail for an unforgettable view from the top. I loved the Jeongdongjin beach the most. It’s a beautiful white sandy beach with loads of seashells and a view of the sunrise plus it was not crowded at all when we went there. We spent quite a lot of time on the beach and it was very relaxing!

Naksan beach

(Picture From: creativelunatics)

(Picture From: creative lunatics)

Naksan Beach stretches four kilometres along the south coast of mainland Korea. In summer, the beach sees a large number of tourists who are drawn to its beauty. The waters of the beach are shallow and clear, and a peak called Nak-San, accessible with a short hike, offers great views. Other attractions nearby include Naksansa Temple and Uisangdae.

Naksan beach is deemed the best in Mainland Korea (excluding Jeju) by many while some claim Seokcho beach to be the most beautiful beach on South korea. I have been to Naksan beach and it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I suggest this over Seokcho beach because there is a peak (called Nak-san) where you can hike (more like climb a few set of stairs) and take a better look at the sea and also visit the Naksansa (temple)! This one is actually the most beautiful beach I have ever seen  because the waves hit the shore at an angle. All the east coast beaches are like that including Gyeongpo, Jeongdongjin, Seokcho and Naksan; the land is higher than the water level (at least in summer). The photo and video explains it better!

Jungmun beach

(Picture From: wikimapia)

(Picture From: wikimapia)

Jungmun Beach is the southernmost beach of Korea, located at Jeju Island. This 560 meters long beach is a very popular destination for travellers and locals alike. Water sports like windsurfing or jet skiing can be done here, and water of the beach is warm enough for a dip from the start of summer till around August. The sand of this beach is of varying colours, such as black, red, brown and white. Jungmun Beach is surrounded by picturesque scenery all around, with cliffs and caves and rare plants of many kinds. A Beach Film Festival and a Summer festival held here during the summer season.

Jungmun Beach is the most popular beach in Jeju and probably the most crowded one!  The surroundings are beautiful too. The beach is smaller compared to Naksan and Gyeongpo beach. The tides there are high and ideal for some beach fun. We spent 3 hours playing in the water! The sand at this beach is a mix of black, red, brown and white and has a coarse texture. Not really ideal for a long walk or jog but I did take a walk anyway! It was the first sandy beach I ever visited in my life.

Gyeongpo beach

(Picture From: bibimbappin)

(Picture From: bibimbappin)

Gyeongpo Beach, located near Gyeongpodae, covers a length of six kilometres. It is a fine sand beach formed between Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean. The beach is most noted for the awesome view of sunrises and sunsets. The surrounding greenery of the pine forests and the presence of wild rose bushes scattered throughout add to the charm of Gyeongpo Beach.

Cherry trees in full bloom makes for a wonderful sight in the spring. The Festival of Cherry Blossoms is also held at the beach during this time. There is also a beach festival and other events held at Gyeongpo Beach during the summer months.

Of all the beaches I have ever visited, I have spent the most amount of time at the Gyeongpo! We stayed for 7 hours, had fun Parasailing and later playing in the water. It was very crowded but that might be because it was just two weeks before the official closing date of the beaches in Korea – 31st August. The sand is nice but like Naksan beach it is quite high and the tides hit at an angle so the walk along the beach is not very comfortable if you want to keep your feet wet!

Samyang Black Sand Beach

(Picture From: katieroseharper)

(Picture From: katieroseharper)

Unlike the other beaches, the sand color on this beach is black, and this is what Samyang beach is known for. The sand made from whinstone went through weathering for a long, long time. Bathing with sand that has iron is effectual for neuralgia, arthritis, obesity, dermatitis, athlete’s food, and prevention of flu so many people come to get self-fomentation on this beach from July to September. After taking a hot sand massage, you can cool down your body with spring water. Also, the road to the thermometric power plant has an array of DNA looking like lights which spread across the wharf at night making a great night view. A lot of people come to this place to see night view.

The most relaxing beach I have ever been to, Samyang Black Sand beach in Jeju boasts of a sand with medicinal properties and the long shoreline is ideal for a walk! The sand was wonderful and the water was just beautiful. All the beaches in Jeju are spectacular but this one is my favorite (in Jeju)!



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